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Call for Tutorials

ASEC includes tutorial sessions which are 2 hours 15 minutes long. The format of a ‘tutorial’ can cover a range of options: from a ‘set of instructions to complete a task’ to ‘an interactive problem-solving workshop’. A typical ASEC tutorial attracts between ten and thirty delegates who are interested in trying something new or perhaps finding a different perception on something already familiar to them (and maybe looking for a break from back-to-back sessions!)

INCOSE UK is looking for tutorial options which will be selected from the proposals received. Proposers are welcome to submit more than one proposal, but each proposal must be self-contained so that it can be assessed independently. It is vital that the tutorial style is explicitly expressed so that delegates clearly understand whether they will be expected to plaster flip charts with Post-it Notes or simply sit and listen.

Successful presenters will be awarded a single one-day pass for ASEC 2020. If you wish to field more than one presenter, then additional presenters must register via the ASEC 2020 booking system at a standard delegate price. You should be prepared to present on either 17 or 18 November 2020. Tutorial presenters will be asked to provide a description of their activity for publication in the event brochure.

Call For Tutorials #1
Call For Tutorials #2
More information about the Call For Tutorials

All submissions should be emailed to

Deadlines and Other Information

7th February 2020: The call for tutorials is issued.

27th April 2020: 30th March 2020: * Submission of abstracts - abstracts should be between 250 and 300 words outlining your tutorial topic and main points. A shortlist of tutorials will be selected based on the abstracts received. Please remember to assess your proposal against the criteria in the review process guidelines.

13th - 30th April 2020: * Acceptance of abstracts - Abstracts that INCOSE UK deemed to be the best of the submissions will be notified, and asked to submit a full tutorial proposal.

11th May 2020: Submission of full tutorial proposals.

22nd May 2020: Final conference tutors will be selected and notified.

29th June 2020: Submission of words advertising tutorials to the INCOSE UK Secretariat (these will be included in the ASEC 2020 brochure).

30th October 2020: The tutorial room arrangements and equipment required will be confirmed by this date.

* Due to the unprecedented circumstances presented by the pandemic, we have decided to extend the abstract deadline. We will be operating a rolling review period this year in order to stay on track with the event publication deadlines. We recommend that if you intend to submit an abstract, you do so as soon as possible, to ensure you have the maximum amount of time available to compose your full proposals.