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About ASEC 2020

The Annual Systems Engineering Conference is the UK’s premier Systems Engineering event, attracting a wide range of industry, academia and government professionals along with international presenters and practitioners, which provides a distinguished platform for networking, learning and sharing ideas.

INCOSE UK hosted its first ASEC in 2010, now in its 11th year, the two-day conference has developed to include: technical presentations on contemporary Systems Engineering theory and practice, keynote speakers, tutorials run by leading Systems Engineering practioners, a Professional Development workshop, an Early Careers Forum Workshop, the Systems Summit, a Panel session, a Systems research showcase poster competition and an exhibition of Systems Engineering organisations presenting their products and services.

About ASEC 2020 #1
About ASEC 2020 #2

Venue and Dates

This year ASEC will take place at Heythrop Park Resort, Enstone, Oxfordshire on 17th and 18th November 2020.


The theme for ASEC 2020 is The Challenges of Contemporary Systems Engineering. Within this, we intend to explore the following subthemes:

  1. Integrating with new disciplines
  2. Developing new competencies
  3. Evolving current practices
  4. Exploiting emerging technologies and techniques